“Slash and burn gardening, we can’t be precious in the garden — sometimes we just have to get down and dirty.” —Shayne Naudi

Horticultural Care - Cynthia Street

Often we are brought in when gardens fail. Whether this is due to poor garden practices or by poor design, the result is the same: once beautiful gardens fallen into disrepair. That’s where we come in. Hort. Inc. has the ability to revitalize a tired garden. Often just by correcting irrigation and boosting soil biology we can bring help and order to the garden.

With our skilled maintenance crew and creative design team, we have the ability to address the health of the garden while also editing and fine-tuning the design elements of the landscape as well.

Nothing brings us more joy than taking a lack luster garden and bring it back to & surpass its former glory. Remediation work is truly a specialty of ours.

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