“…by thinking away the flowers, the sunlight, the rich tinting of time, one finds that, underlying all these, there is a deeper harmony of design…” — Edith Wharton

Landscape Design Services
Organic, integrated, practical – magical. People talk a lot about sustainable landscaping, but we think of the garden as something that not only can sustain (orchards and edibles) but also leads to enduring relationships with nature and our clients.

Our approach is simple and personal – we listen, we integrate your input and produce landscapes that are both personal to you and appealing to the eye. We keep in mind how plants grow, how much time maintaining the garden will take, and whether you’re avid to whip out those pruning shears and get dirty, or if you would prefer something that practically takes care of itself – and then we get to work.

As Shayne (who runs this joint) says about landscape design, “It’s not about me – embrace all the diversity and quirks and inspiration and customize it for the individual – that’s garden utility – that’s successful design. Embrace it.”

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