“My garden had become overgrown and many of the plants were dying. Shayne came in like a garden Mary Poppins and whipped it into shape. The difference is amazing. The bamboo has grown five feet in two months, the plants are blooming, and there is a lightness and sparkle to the place. All of my friends who have visited have asked me what I’ve done to make it so beautiful. Thanks Shayne!” – Susan C
“Every time I see Shayne appear in the wilderness that is my garden I heave a sigh of relief and know that while the weeds may go, and perhaps a judicious pruning will take place here and there: the spirit of the garden will remain intact. You see, this might be the forth or fifth incarnation of our Southern California landscape. We started with three dozen English Roses that thrived in winter and spring and turned into crunchy-crispies in the summer. With the help of Shayne I planted sturdy, scented, billowing, blossoming, drought resistant plants that can take the heat and delight the eye. Well, an eye that likes a wilderness, and that would be mine. Can’t praise her enough.” – Vickie L
“Shayne works with the client to discover the garden they want, unlike many designers who impose their own taste or aesthetic on the client. Yet she is also able to help her clients find new plants, new combinations of plantings, hardscape and architectural elements, and new ways of thinking about their outdoor space that make designing with her a joy. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Laeta K
Red Hot Aussie Shayne Naudi will charm the Geraniums out from under your feet! Heart breaker and weed-wacker rolled up into one devilious package, Shayne will leave you and your garden begging for more! – John M
Shayne and her crew have done an outstanding job on my garden. Initially, my garden needed serious rehabilitation involving the soil, tree health, and irrigation systems to name a few. Shayne tackled all these larger issues, but at the same time, she insisted that the garden maintain its visual beauty throughout the whole process. During the time that her company has overseen my garden, she has done an excellent job of communicating her ideas and working with me to achieve the longer term goals for my garden, while being mindful of our shorter term needs when the garden has been the gathering spot for many of my social and family occasions. I am so pleased with my garden and I have confidence that Shayne and the Horticultural Care crew, with their attention to detail, will continue to help my garden thrive. – Marla R