Tallest Living Wall in the World - Sydney

The Tallest Living Wall in the World

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Sydney Australia is my home town. On a recent visit back, I spent some time getting reacquainted with a city that a held a place in my childhood memories. I was blown away by Sydney’s beauty and innovation. On a day that I was gallery hopping, I was drawn to a beacon glimmering outside one of the windows. It seemed to be an art installation all of its own. I was hooked! I found myself standing beneath the Central Park Project by Ateliers Jean Nouvel, the tallest living wall in the world. The vertical gardens consists of 190 native Australian and 160 exotic plant species, covering 50% of the buildings facade. The “beacon” that had caught my attention was a large cantilever, extending from the tallest tower. On the underside, there is a heliostat of motorized mirrors that direct sunlight down onto the surrounding gardens. After nightfall, the cantilever is…

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