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As mentioned before in my blog “On how to procrastinate for a Green Roof Exam” I have been preparing to become a certified GRP (Green Roof Professional). I have been in what seems the eternal task of stretching my poor old brain, through the act of studying.

I have come to embrace that I am a poor student. Well perhaps not poor student but rather I am not “studious” or brilliant at test taking. It fills me with anxiety and guilt. Anxiety that I will fail, guilt that I am not studying enough. But I think I have finally reached that point where information is taking hold and memorization is becoming knowledge.
I find myself dreaming about roofing membranes and the composition of growing media. Words like ‘endoplasmic reticulum’, phytoremediation,‘rhizodegradation’ and my favorite ‘merristems’, float about my brain. Sloshing around my brain with roofing terminology, mixing the “green arts” with the “black arts”. Well what do you expect when you want to “put flowers on a roof”. Actually, that was a direct quote from an aging engineer who could not understand the concept of landscape over structure……. but that’s another story.

Only 7 days till Test Day!! Wish me luck!!